Menu Bar

The menu bar fills the top of the screen.  Several buttons occupy the menu bar, and can be accessed during game play.

Selected City Display

When a city is selected, it's health bar and expansions are shown.  If an expansion is currently under construction, a small progress bar will appear on the expansion's picture.

Selected Unit Display

When a unit is selected, the soldiers for the unit are shown.  Each soldier picture shows a red health bar.  A blue magic bar is shown if the soldier can use magic.  Under the menu bar, the level (blue) and experience (yellow) bars for the unit are displayed.

Getting Started

Tap on a city to select it.  You should see a pulsating ring appear around the city.  Next, tap on the command button at the top of the screen, it has a picture of some gears on it. The command menu will then appear, it offers choices for the selected item, your city.  Now tap on the Commission Unit option, four empty slots will appear.  Tap on an empty slot.  Tap on the colonist.  To quickly fill the remaining slots, double-tap the colonist.  A check button should appear, tap it to commission the unit.  The unit should now appear outside the city.  Tap the unit to select it.  Now, tap the terrain somewhere else to get the colonists to walk there.  You want to move the unit far from the city, into an area clear from water and mountains.  When far enough, tap on the command button at the top of the screen, the command menu for the unit will appear.  Tap on the Build City command, the colonists will begin building a new city.  Continue in this manner to build many cities.  Each city improves your income and gold capacity.  Once you have some cities, you'll want to commission other types of units and go in search of your opponent(s).


Your first city is your capital, you begin the game with it.  All other cities must be built by colonists.  To select a city, tap on it.  At the top of the screen, a command button will appear.  The command button has gears
on it.  Tap the command button to access the commands for the selected city.  Cities have three main commands:
 Add Expansion
 Commission Unit
Expansions allow you to improve the city.  More expansions will make more soldier types available and improve city strength.


Units are commissioned from cities.  Each unit has four soldiers in it.  Each soldier prefers either the front or rear of the unit.  Some soldiers have special abilities, some of which are accessed via the command menu.  Units have experience points which they gain after defeating cities and other units.  After acquiring enough experience, a unit's level will increase, which makes it stronger.  The experience and level bars are shown below the menu bar at the top of the screen when the unit is selected.  Each soldier is also shown, along with
their health and magic bars.  To move a unit, select it by tapping it, then tap where you would like the unit to go.  To move multiple units at once, put the unit in wide mode by double-tapping it.  A unit in wide mode will appear more spread out and have a ring with arrows surrounding it when selected.  When a unit in wide mode is moved, all nearby units will also move.

New Game

Each game of TensorG is played between you and up to three AIs.  Each AI has its own team, color, race and ability.  At least one AI must be on a team that is not the player's team.  Tap on an AI setting to change it.  All maps in TensorG are randomly generated.  However, you can control the size of the map.  Also, the relative amounts of various terrain features can be configured.  Tap the check button at the bottom-right of the screen when you're ready to begin.